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Band / History

Oliver Schacke - vocals  I  Clemens Frank - drums  I  Emanuel Brauer - guitars  I  Marcus Kühne - bass

Who would have thought in the founding year 2005 that the two-man project SEPTEMBER MURDER would by and by grow to a complete band and finally to a constant in Germany's metal scene? In 2013, eight years later, the quartet stands in the starting blocks with its second full-length album "He Who Invokes Decadence" which is reason enough to pass the eventful band history in review up till the recent days.

- The Beginnings and "After Every Setting Sun"

The foundation of SEPTEMBER MURDER was laid by guitarist Emanuel Brauer and bass player Guntar Elsaßer. In the year after, drummer Stefan Voigtländer and vocalist Oliver Schacke completed the line-up, ideas became concrete songs and the band prepared for first stage and studio experiences. With more than 30 concerts allover Germany, the year 2007 not only marked the extensively celebrated debut of the self-appointed live band, but also the beginning of a fruitful cooperation with Jens Martinek and his Schmiedeberg 7 Studios, lasting until today. Back then in summer, they recorded four songs of boundless but nonetheless melodic death / thrash metal with him and self-released them as the EP "After Every Setting Sun" (release date 1 September 2007).

- The first Record Deal, "Agony in Flesh" and Unbound Stage Hunger

Through the chorus of praise from the national scene press ( spoke of "the next big thing in German death metal"), SEPTEMBER MURDER caught the attention of several labels and soon signed their first deal with Berlin-based Maintain Records which provided the band the world-wide distribution of their music for the first time. Parallel to their live activities during the festival season in 2008 (Gahlen Moscht Open Air and Mettlafest Braunschweig to name but a few), the band worked on the material for their debut album on which brutality took the lead towards melodies and the overall sound increased in complexity. However, this story would only have kept going on that smoothly if progression was always an easy thing: In the fall of 2008, after the recordings for the long player meanwhile named "Agony in Flesh", Stefan decided to quit his job due to musical differences. The future of the band remained unclear until the end of the year. Clemens Frank surprisingly took up his place at the drums, since his guest performances with Feindflug and Disillusion were finished and his former main band Hidden in the Fog was slowly but surely put on perpetual ice. Hence, after some rehearsals in the new line-up in January 2009, SEPTEMBER MURDER's way was free for an extensive series of live shows. The album "Agony in Flesh" (release date 20 February 2009) won praise among print and online magazines (Rock Hard Germany attested SEPTEMBER MURDER "to draw quality level with national flagships such as Necrophagist") and gave a push to numerous headlining concerts (Power of Expression Festival Bautzen - succeeding German pop / rock and prog metal artists Silbermond and Disillusion, Prophecy of Death Fest, Pirates Indoor Festival and many more), support gigs (such as for Origin (US), Illdisposed (DK), Pessimist (US) or Nervecell (UAE)) and festival shows (such as Blitz & Donner Festival w/ Entombed (SWE), Merauder (US), Hail of Bullets (NL), Disharmonic Orchestra (CH) etc).

- Experiments and a Goodbye until "He Who Invokes Decadence"

Numerous international online broadcasts enthusiastically took songs from "Agony in Flesh" into their playlists in the time following. Fuelled by the overwhelmingly positive public response, SEPTEMBER MURDER quickly came up with first ideas for a follow-up record by the beginning of 2010. But since haste makes waste, the band focussed on advancing and refining their musical style in the ongoing year. By experimenting with minimalistic and progressive elements and by giving each instrument and voice its room to breathe, their new material evolved into eight complex but nonetheless catchy songs which were later captured under the album title "He Who Invokes Decadence". The recording sessions set for spring 2011, however, marked the next touchstone for the ambitions and aims of SEPTEMBER MURDER. They entered Schmiedeberg 7 Studios as a trio since shortly before, founding member Guntar threw in the towel due to a lack of time. In the meantime, the band came to appreciate the qualities of their good friend Marcus Kühne from Metzgore. After he had helped out on stage he was finally welcomed as their new bass player, looking forward to finally finish the album. With reason, as you shall hear soon. After twelve months, the recording and mixing process has come to an end and SEPTEMBER MURDER hit stages again.

"He Who Invokes Decadence"not only adapts the energy of "After Every Setting Sun" and "Agony in Flesh" to a more open-minded stylistic level, but will also show you SEPTEMBER MURDER as confident and content with their sound as never before. Be prepared and stay tuned!